Synonym Snapshots!

You know those moments when you realize that something so simple and unexciting makes you so happy. I had one of those moments last night when I spent a blissful evening of cutting and cooking. Cutting isn’t a sketchy code for something else, don’t worry – I, of course, mean cutting laminating. I know, I am officially not cool. Ugh.


I whipped up a double recipe of the Pioneer Woman’s Tortilla soup. Ummmm… delish! I highly recommend.



and then settled in for a comfy evening on the couch with a big ol’ roll of laminating and an old school Vince Vaughn movie marathon (Swingers and Made). The reason I was excited to be cutting out laminating (which I normally despise…) was because I just made these games yesterday and I am SO excited to use them with my kiddos. They turned out so stinkin cute!



Working on synonyms is a great way to improve spoken vocabulary, writing skills, and comprehension. We are really working on increasing details and complexity in our writing skills. This ties right in! Plus a lot of my kids could really work on improving their expressive language skills as well.


This packet includes a flashcard game with 36 different playing cards.

Six sets of six puzzles with labels:

and (of course!) an I have, Who has? Game! These games are my fav! We can working on skill building while improving attention skills 🙂

This game is uploaded in my TPT store! Get now while it’s on sale for my Spooky Sale (20% off everything!) – going on through Halloween!!


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