Switching Seasons and March Plans

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In my mind I break the school year up into 3 seasons – fall, winter, and spring. Fall includes back to school, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Winter encompasses Christmass, Valentine’s etc. And Spring takes up everything from St. Patrick’s Day to the end of the year. Switching seasons is kind of a pain the butt yet I am slowly getting better and more efficient at my seasonal storage system.

I use a binder and bin (which are both overflowing so I think I need to upgrade!) for each season. I keep the bins and binders out throughout the season so I can be easily adding any new worksheets or activities I find so I can use them next year. This is key – half the time in the past I felt like I could never find the masters for anything cool I found over the past few weeks.

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So what is on the agenda this month? (thematic planning) We will be spending the next two weeks mostly focused on St. Patty’s day fun and then the week before Spring Break doing jelly bean themed activities. Here are my (rough) plans. I’d love to be one of those amazing bloggy teachers that has plans with links and images and all that… but my life is just TOO unpredictable! Pencil is the way to go for planning. These are the plans for morning group for March:


Links and activities:


  • March Bingo, we are going to play with Lucky Charms as Bingo Chips!
  • St. Patrick’s Day File Folders, I have enough differentiated activities to make sure to include all of my lower functioning students in the seasonal fun!
  • Logical Leprechauns! This game is free and after playing we will either doing a writing extension or make comics (like we did in the snowman unit).
  • Worth More than Gold Craftivity
  • St. Patrick’s Vocabulary – free from Ashley Hughes. I will be using these with my less verbal students for receptive and expressive language practice.
  • Graphing: Roll and Graph – free. This will be great for my less verbal students to work on picture matching in a different way! Roll and Color – free. I am SUPER excited about this. I will use it with my higher kids with adding dice up to work on some basic math skills and with my kiddos who are working on counting we will just use one dice to match the numbers.


The jelly bean ideas I have flushed out quite yet but I’ll keep ya updated! I think we will be doing some taste testing to work on food adjectives!

Hope this helps your March planning 🙂 


  1. You are awesome!!! I’ve become addicted to your daily blogs. I am also completely revamping my classroom to make it even more structured in anticipation of having more students with autism in my self-contained program next year. Thank you!!!

  2. You are awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Hi, just came across your blog & I love it! I’m your newest follower!
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  4. Omigosh thank you Roxanne! Your comment made my day! Thanks for reading 🙂

  5. You are very welcome 🙂

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