Summer Shopping… It Happened Again…

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I told you I had a shopping problem. I guess admitting there is a problem is the first step, right? But I don’t even care because I got such freaken’ good deals at Ikea! I’m super pumped – so pumped actually that I am double posting today.

I’m also taking this opportunity to link up with Ladybug’s Teacher Files, summer shopping party (July Edition), and Fun in Room 4B, Fabulous Find Friday. I love seeing what everyone else has bought! It gives some great ideas on where to go to get some super cute things for a great deal!

So here are my lovely Ikea purchases:

New rug!!! My rug was literally dying. One whole seam was mostly off by the end of the year. It was embarrassing. Not okay. I didn’t want to spend too much money on a new rug and kept meaning to do a Donors Choose for one and never got around to it. I found this at Ikea originally priced $165 on sale for $59! Woo hoo! It’s really nice quality too hopefully it will be sturdy enough for my rough and tumble boys!

I also bough these plastic holders that mount to the wall. These will work out great in my room because near my morning group table I don’t have that much storage. I used to use this complicated taped up file folder system on the wall but it always fell down. ¬†These will be much better to replace that.

I already have one of these rails and cup holder system and LOVE it. It also goes by my morning group table. I have one that has one cup and a mini shelf. I decided to get another one and then I can have one cup with dry erase markers, one with pencils, one with markers, one with scissors,and one with pens or highlighters. And it’s all super cheap! I think the rail is less than $3 and the cups are a little over $1 each. I love that the cups come off because you can just grab them and put them on the table when you need them! (stole that bottom picture so you get the idea!)

I also bought some new plastic cups and plates. We always need these.


I also grabbed a few bags of these chips clips. These will be great for working on fine motor skills!


Cute book!

Cardboard magazine holders:

That’s it! I didn’t go TOO crazy. I won’t show you all what I bought for myself…. Check out what other teachers have bought!





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