Alright party people – summer has arrived in all it’s margarita and flip flop filled glory. And while I know you are just dying to spend all summer reading my crazy rants I know you have some bbqs to attend and some grilled hot dogs to devour. Okay – I get it. But don’t you worry, the second you get an itching for some autism loving – I will be here. And maybe you want to grab you laptop, relax on the porch, and read through a handful of posts. Go for it. I promise you – I’ll make it worth your while!

Last summer, we dedicated the summer to a great series – Seven Steps for Setting Up a Stellar Autism Room. If you are new to the TAH block – I encourage you to check it out! This summer we are upping the ante and taking it to the next level. This summer’s series will focus on reducing problem behavior. We will take you step by step to give you a complete tool kit to tackle any behavioral issues. Because let’s face it – it doesn’t matter how beautiful your chevron bulletin board is, how perfectly your curriculum is CCSS aligned, or how many visual adapted books you have at your finger tips when you are getting punched in the face. Disruptive behaviors take immediate priority.

The Autism Helper - Summer Series

This summer will focus on taking a function based approach. That means we will look at why a behavior is occurring before we haphazardly choose an intervention. So often I see teachers who are accidentally and unknowingly do things to encourage and increase problem behaviors. I know. The horror and travesty. Using this systematic approach you will ensure that your efforts are in the right place and you aren’t wasting your time with interventions that will only make things worse.

So, have I sold you? Ready to spend a few moments of these next blissful weeks learning how to make your next school year rocking? Amazeballs. Let’s roll.

Obviously we need a schedule. Because we are rigid and change makes us nervous. So check out our plan.

The Autism Helper - Summer Series

The Autism Helper - Summer Series The Autism Helper - Summer Series

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