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Are you spending your summer laying by pool sipping a skinny girl margarita and flipping through the latest issue of US weekly? Yea, me neither. While I do hope to sneak in my fair share of pool time, I will be spending my summer hanging out with some hilarious guys. They tell like it is, never pass up the opportunity to laugh at someone’s fart, and know the true meaning of a fine glass of cherry kool aide. Yep, I’ll be hanging with my students in summer school this year. I don’t mind. Summer school is low key. It’s 4 days a week and half days. We take it easy. No complicated schedule. No involved lesson plans. It’s like summer camp version of school.

So what will be doing in our 6 weeks of glory? My class and I need to go to another school for summer school so we are going minimalist mode. Let’s break my class into two groups: the students who are lower functioning working on preacademic, vocational, and communication skills and the students who are higher functioning working on academics.

Students who are Pre-academic 

  • Popsicle Themed File Folders: We will be rocking these babies all summer. 2-300x214
  • June Bingo: These games are perfect for all my kids but are amazing to target seasonal vocabulary and social skills for my lower functioning students. It will be great to have some extra time to play these games this summer.Screen-shot-2013-05-26-at-4.33.39-PM.png-244x300

  • Small and easy fine motor work tasks such as:









  • Summer Reading Centers: In my summer reading center pack – there are some great activities included for your less academic kiddos, such as these sorting activities. Such cute clipart! Ahhh! Recently-Updated216-1024x731

Students who are Academic 

  • Summer Reading Centers: These are going to be the backbone curriculum of our summer school program. We will be doing the writing activities and playing the literacy games. I am in the process of setting up the centers to be reusable so it will really cut down on our paper use this summer (and the supplies I need to bring). 
  • i-have-1024x731Charlotte’s Web: Ambitious summer task – a hard book read aloud. Charlotte’s web is slightly over our reading level but I think will hit perfectly for a read aloud. I have been loving doing read aloud this year. We can working on comprehension, making inferences, conversation skills, literary terms, and vocabulary. I’ll let you know how it goes!Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 7.11.51 PM

We will also be a doing a weekly craft! Stayed tuned for tomorrow for those ideas! What do you do in summer school? 


  1. Thanks for the ideas! Love reading your blog. It’s been therapeutic, especially this last month..aggression in the classroom and bullying from a parent! Big mistake giving her my phone number two years ago..trying to take your advice and not vent to my aides! How often do you communicate with your parents? Daily? With a communication log? I have my students filling one out from now on using visuals. Also curious how you handle difficult parents. Trying not to take things personally as my supervisor advised. Looking forward to half day summer schools and Fridays off.. Need that margarita ASAP. Thanks again for your posts. You have a fellow self contained teacher fan. 🙂

  2. Some great ideas here! I’m going to be teaching pre-K esy starting tomorrow. It will be kids I hacen’t had before in a new building so the first few weeks we will definitely be focusing on rules and routines but I will plan on using your popsicles and those move it or lose it cards. Its three days a week, full days. Wish me luck!

  3. Good luck! And have fun 🙂

  4. This post was a life saver! First year teacher in a school that is adding a new primary autism classroom. It was typically a 5-12 grade school. I start in a week and have nothing in place for the summer program…crunch time. Thank you for all your great ideas. I will be using many of them.

  5. So good to hear! Happy the ideas helped – good luck 🙂


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