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Summer time is near! THANK GOD! I am ready for flip flops, ice cream, and bbqs. No end is sight for me as far as school goes. Summer school will take me up until August. But summer school is half days – so no complaints here! I don’t know about you – but as the year winds down, everything we are doing starts to feel… stale. Those same units and routines that seemed new and exciting last September now are just starting to feel a little boring. Summer school is time to shake things up. Bring in some fun & new activities- lighten it up a little.

Summer school is fun. We focus a lot on skill generalization, social skills building, and hands-on learning. I like to think of it as the love child of the regular school year and day camp. We desperately need a fresh new set of centers that are engaging and fun – even in those sticky June days.

Here is my set of summer reading centers and literacy games! It’s loaded full of 5 different centers and two games to work on different reading, spelling, and grammar skills – all in a colorful summer theme!

Summer Feature, Function, and Class {work on the essential skills of categorizing and discrimination while building expressive/receptive language}

The Autism Helper - Summer Reading Packet

I have, Who has? {love these games to build vocabulary and peer interaction!}

The Autism Helper - Summer Reading Packet

Popsicle Punctation {fix the spelling and grammar mistakes in this popsicle themed center}

The Autism Helper - Summer Reading Packet

Raining Rhymes {two levels included to accommodate for students with minimal writing skills}

The Autism Helper - Summer Reading Packet

Sort Sweet Syllables {recognizing syllables helps spelling and oral reading fluency!}

The Autism Helper - Summer Reading Packet

Summer Sorting {work on discrimination and following directions through these sorting tasks}

The Autism Helper - Summer Reading Packet

Build a Word {increase spelling skills and vocabulary in a center that’s perfect for students who struggle with writing}

The Autism Helper - Summer Reading Packet

Product Preview for Summer Reading Centers:

If you need something fun to get you through the end of the school year or summer school – check it out!


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