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Summer calls for fun. It calls for popsicles for no reason, sand between your toes, and seriously, ridiculously adorable clipart. Like too cute for words clipart. Beach balls, sunglasses, and ice cream cones must literally be plastered over every activity we use during summer school. If not, it would feel just like regular school work. If you aren’t teaching summer school (lucky, lucky you!) these would be great resources to get you through those last few (sometimes painful!) days of school!

My favorite resource for the summer is my set of summer reading centers and literacy games! It’s loaded full of 5 different centers and two games to work on different reading, spelling, and grammar skills – all in a colorful summer theme!

Summer Feature, Function, and Class {work on the essential skills of categorizing and discrimination while building expressive/receptive language}

The Autism Helper - Summer Reading Packet

I have, Who has? {love these games to build vocabulary and peer interaction!}

The Autism Helper - Summer Reading Packet

Popsicle Punctation {fix the spelling and grammar mistakes in this popsicle themed center}

The Autism Helper - Summer Reading Packet

Raining Rhymes {two levels included to accommodate for students with minimal writing skills}

The Autism Helper - Summer Reading Packet

Sort Sweet Syllables {recognizing syllables helps spelling and oral reading fluency!}

The Autism Helper - Summer Reading Packet

Summer Sorting {work on discrimination and following directions through these sorting tasks}

The Autism Helper - Summer Reading Packet

Build a Word {increase spelling skills and vocabulary in a center that’s perfect for students who struggle with writing}

The Autism Helper - Summer Reading Packet

And since it’s June – you must grab my June Bingo. Bingo is great for both your lower level and higher level students. It’s great for the end of the school year!

The Autism Helper - June Bingo

Last but not least – Popsicle File Folder Activities! We busted these out a few weeks ago and there look good enough to eat!

The Autism Helper - Popsicle File Folders

Yay for summer! 🙂


  1. We started ESY this week and I’ve been using your summer activities as binder work and independent work tasks. The kids love them!

  2. We have these and use them all the time!


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