Summer Prep

I think the summer is great time to start to prep materials for the upcoming school year. Now, this summer is a little different because this last school year was VERY different (to say the least).  I think that makes the idea of summer prep work even more important. Yes, we don’t know exactly what the upcoming school year will look like but at some point we will be back in classrooms. Heading back in with bins of fresh materials will help you feel confident to tackle that. The transition back into physical classrooms won’t be easy and you don’t want to be worrying about laminating and velcro then. Instead do it now. Turn on netflix, grab a white claw, and heat up that laminator. 

File Folder Activities 

File folder activities are great for independent work, guided practice, paraprofessional run stations, and more. I actually recommend having a bin of extra file folder activities in each center of your classroom in case you get pulled, students finish early, or you just need extra activities. Two things: these can take some time to prep and you do want to have a pretty big selection. If you are only rotating between a few file folder activities, your students will memorize them and get bored. So prep a bunch this summer of a variety of types of skills! 

Check out how I stored my file folder activities in this post and check out 3 ways to use file folder activities in your classroom here. I have a large laminator and use menu size laminating pages to laminate the file folder and it works pretty well. Some of my favorite sets are: Anchor Chart Matching File Folder Activities, Yes and No File Folder Activities, and Complex Matching File Folders.  


Adapted Books

Adapted books have so many uses and teach so many different types of topics. You can work on vocabulary, sequencing, grammar, receptive language and so much more! One question I get all the time is, “How long did it take to make so many books?” A long time! When I share photos of my resources, know that these have been created over years and years. Take time this summer to build up your adapted book library! 

Easy Matching Weekly Workbooks

These have been fan favorites since they hit my store last year! These weekly workbooks come with one for each day of the week. They are focused on basic matching and errorless learning. They are centered around fun and engaging themes! These were a LIFESAVER when I was homeschooling my little ones during quarantine. Check out the 5 different themes available: Easy Matching Weekly Workbooks.

ABLLS Task Cards

If you use the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills, these task cards are MUST. They are aligned to the ABLLS-R and cover so many essential topics. You can purchase individual sets, small bundles, or the entire bundle that covers the entire task list. If you choose to tackle the whole task list, it’s a beast. But once it’s complete you are set! I use these containers to store all of the task cards. 


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