July is the month when teachers are knee deep in summer and our minds are far away from school (or you may be in the thick of ESY like me). Whether you are teaching or beaching right now, the best options for planning and prepping are things that take little to no thinking! You should devote your time to prep that can get you ahead without taxing your teacher brain too much! For this purpose, I highly, strongly, honestly recommend investing in Leveled Daily Work! I have found this resource to be a lifesaver and something that my students truly love.

Scheduling Daily Work

First, let me point out the many different times a day that you can utilize this resource. I don’t know if it is working with students on the spectrum for over a decade, or just my personality, but I love structure! I love having predictable elements of the day, even if we cannot control or predict other parts of the day. This leveled daily work has become a welcome, predictable part of our day. I like to use this resource right off the bat, as the entry activity for my high school students. I have students who arrive across a 45-60 minute window. While they don’t spend this entire time working on this task, they know it is their first expectation of the day

Formatting Daily Work 

I love how this resource can be used in so many different formats! The first year that I used the Leveled Daily Work, I printed everything. I made each student a notebook with the level that I thought was most appropriate for them and I they had the page on the left to reference with the page on the right to work from. After a year of this, I was loving the skills addressed and how well the students did with the work, but I thought it might not be the most ecofriendly way to go about utilizing the resource.

This past year, I projected the daily changing page on my smartboard and the students had a notebook of blank pages to fill in. This worked better, but I wasn’t able to project different levels at the same time. This next year, my plan is to put the changing page on their individual Ipads, at their varying levels, while they have a bound notebook of the pages to fill in. I am lucky to be in a place where all of my students have individual devices, but I think you could accomplish something similar with less Ipads if you had the students work on the task at different times of the day. Whichever format you decide will work best in your classroom, you can get started on printing and binding before the school year begins.

Assigning Daily Work 

One of the best things about the Leveled Daily Work is that it is truly LEVELED. The range of levels meet the needs across all of the students that I currently serve and could fit almost all of the students that I have ever served. I like to assign levels based on an independent working level. That means that it is not challenging work, it is something that they should not need help with. They may academically be asked to do something that is below what they are capable of in an instructional setting 1:1 or small group setting. This individualized assignment has the purpose of encouraging independent and self-monitored completion of this task. At first, it absolutely takes a few weeks of instruction to get students working through this, but the time spent up front is so worth it when they become more and more independent.

As a fellow teacher, I understand that our funds are very tight. I want you to look at the value of this resource. Currently the Leveled Daily Work Bundle is listed at $79.65 for 180 different daily activities on FOUR varying levels. This comes out to 11 CENTS per activity. You can use this resource year after year with a wide range of students. It is worth the investment. I hope teachers, in-home service providers, and homeschooling parents, all take the opportunity to get set up for a great year of independent skill building.

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