Summer Craft Ideas 🙂

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If you are in my boat and planning to weather the long summer months inside of a stuffy classroom – you have come to the right place! I have been in hard core researching mode (ie. pintersting while on my couch!) to get together some fun (and let’s be honest – easy) ideas for summer school. Pinterest is overflowing with adorableness for summer. But like I said – I want it to be manageable. Summer school is even more unpredictable than the regular school year – we are at a different school, different classroom setup, and it’s crazy hot. We need doable.

The Autism Helper - Craft Inspiratino


Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Beach Sand Craft

Bubble Prints

Rainbow Drink

Sponge Bombs

Sharpie Tie Dye

One a week for six weeks! That is a manageable plan! Plus all of these craft can be done outdoors in the sunshine 🙂


  1. Looks like your kids will have fun! Good luck with the rainbow drink. I tried several different versions of that, including the one pictured, with my class and it was a major pinterest fail. If you like Brown murky water, then that is the craft project for you. But maybe you’ll have better luck with it than I did. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. These ideas are great. Sometimes there are only so many ideas to go around and you don’t want your kids to be bored in the summer but these really help!

  4. I love the bubble art! Great way to help strengthen oral-motor skills.

  5. Great ideas! I might have to steal a couple of these!

  6. Haha – might be a fail! I’ll let ya know!

  7. Enjoy! 🙂


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