Summer Academic Activities

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Summer Reading Centers and Literacy Games

These are an oldie but goodie. If you pack these up during the year, it’s like a special treat unpacking them ready to roll for summer school. These Summer Reading Centers and Literacy Games give a little bit for everyone and the fact that it’s mostly popsicle and beach themed doesn’t hurt. I love rolling these out easy prep-style. I throw the base pages into page protectors, set up some of the centers as sorts instead of file folders (i.e. no velcro), and we are ready to go!

June Bingo

I’ve shared the bingo love last month about all of the ways to not only differentiate bingo but to also make academic in a variety of ways. Summer school is a little more low key and something about a “game” for an activity makes everything a little more fun. June Bingo is one of my favorites because the pictures are so dang cute and the summer theme is just really fun. Working on inferencing, turn taking, listening comprehension, vocabulary, and more even in those hot sticky days of late June 🙂

Summer Treats and Snacks

I’ve already posted about my Summer Treats and Snacks earlier last month and I can’t help but share it one more time. Summer is the PERFECT time for cooking and you can sneak in so many great academic skills. Target sequencing, following directions, vocabulary, imitation, and OH SO MUCH MORE. Have the excessive use of all caps sold you? Cooking and summer school is a prefect match.

Popsicle Themed File Folder Activities

File folder activities are also a great summer school resource. They are compact and space efficient (so if you are some of the sad few that have to switch classrooms or schools for ESY…). This set of Popsicle Themed File Folder Activities has a big range of concepts from basic matching to counting to patterns to letters.


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