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Last year we started a super fun new tradition that targeted social skills, abstract thinking, making inferences, and perspective taking. Sounds kinda heavy for Christmas season, doesn’t? No worries it was still amazingly fun! I’m not gonna lie though – it was tricky. Like really tricky. Like I almost regretted doing it but not really. Ugh. The concept was a little hard for some of my guys. When we started – we realized that – dang – some of my kiddos don’t even know what a secret is. So we had to start at square one. Literally. It ended up being pretty good though. This was the first step. I bet this new tradition will work even better next year. That’s the beauty of traditions. You can always try again next year.

I bought some treats and made a pretend store. Students took turns “shopping” at the store for their secret santa. It was tricky for some students to pick out something that their secret santa would want and not want they would want! It’s all about seeing other’s perspective. They wrote their secret santa’s notes and gave them their gift. It was really cute!

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Of course, we also tricked them into working on some math while we were at it by assigning everything prices and working on counting money and making change.


Challenge your kiddos with this fun and engaging activity!

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  1. We started this today and the kiddos will do the Secret Santa activities for the rest of the week. It went great, but I did feel like pounding my head when they started counting 75 cents with pennies!


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