Staying Overly Organized {TAH in Your Class}

Staying Overly Organized! We all know that running a classroom full of kids can be chaotic and that the key to functioning smoothly is keeping organized! Here is how some teachers were able to use TAH to help organize the madness. For me, it’s all about the labels, color-coding, binders, and bins! That’s how I keep my head on straight and it looks like other teachers do too. This is how other classes have been using The Autism Helper to organize their classrooms. Here are some snapshots of the Most Space Efficient and and Organized Work Task System:
The Autism Helper
The Autism Helper

The best feeling is looking around your room knowing that everything has its own place. Teaching students to keep everything in order is much easier when everything actually has a place!

Check out how this teacher organized our Behavior Contingency Maps! A file folder slot for each one. They are at your fingertips when you need them!
The Autism Helper

This teacher set up all of her behavior data sheets on clipboards that are easy to grab at any time! LOVE it 🙂

The Autism Helper

Labels! Labels! Labels! That’s what I like to see! Keep up the good work teachers. The classrooms are looking great! Here are some Writing Centers looking great!

The Autism Helper


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  1. HELP! I am a new teacher in an Autism Classroom. I will be starting in February with students who have been in the room all year. I will be taking over for their teacher. What do I do? ANYTHING would be helpful. I am SO nervous.


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