Staying Motivated: Life at a Year-Round Program

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Working Year-Round

Working at a year-round program, our school year ends June 30 and starts right back on July 1. This means that while we are finalizing grades and attending graduation, we are also preparing for the next school year and moving teachers to new classrooms. On top of that, we try to use the summer to provide extra staff training and review of important topics – it’s a wild school calendar!

Over the years I’ve gathered some tips and tricks that help me to feel rejuvenated and ready to keep going even without a traditional summer break.

Be Proactive

Whether you are teaching ESY or carrying on your homeschooling goals throughout the summer, planning will always help you to accomplish your goals while feeling less stressed. I try to use the last few weeks of June to establish team meetings, update classrooms, and prepare our teachers for their new rosters.

Take Your Time

As you plan, be realistic about how much you can accomplish. Are your own kids home for summer while you’re teaching ESY? Maybe your long list of to-dos needs to be reviewed – What can wait? What can others help you with? As you slow down and review what needs to be done, take time for yourself to relax. With limited time to really “summer,” it’s important to take the most out of the weekends and make sure you’re giving yourself time to enjoy the sun and fun that is this season.

It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint

If you’re like me, Teacher YouTube is so addicting! Wondering what that is? On YouTube you can find tours of classrooms, lesson planning inspiration, and other teacher related videos that can be highly motivating when gearing up for a new school year. However, sometimes after viewing too many videos, I immediately find myself making lists of things that I want to copy for my classrooms. Whether it’s materials, classroom décor, or classroom management ideas – I can sometimes bite off more than I can chew. It’s great to get motivated, but remember to prioritize what has to get done. Purchasing a new planner and setting it up is a fun way to get organized and prepare for a fun and productive summer!


If you’re finding yourself teaching or working this summer, I hope this blog post has given you some tips that will help carry you through this season with a smile and less stress going into next year.

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