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So in all my planning and anticipation of the start of my school year, I started thinking of my welcome packet that I send home the first week. I like to include any and every permission form I can think of at that time. Once you have parents’ attention – may as well get all of the forms done!


Here is what I usually include:

  • welcome letter
  • supply list
  • start of year questionnaire
  • life skills rating form
  • Donors Choose photo permission slip
  • walking field trip permission slip (I do one walking field trip permission slip for the year for when we go on walks in the neighborhood to practice crossing street, etc.)
  • my school’s photo/video permission slip
  • hygiene permission slip (I make up a form so parents can provide consent that we work on hygiene tasks in school – brush teeth, wash face, deodorant, etc.)
  • data share permission slip (since I am in grade school, I sometimes share my students’ data with my professors and classmates – I keep all student data anonymous)

I think that’s it! There may be a few others – but those are the main ones! I thought I would provide you guys with a free download of my start of year questionnaire and life skills rating forms. They give a great insight into your students’ home life and provides some invaluable information!

What information/permission slips do you send home the first day of school?

life skills rating form

start of year questionnaire


  1. I love your blog! 🙂 I have an autism 3-5 classroom. I love seeing what other autism classrooms are doing!

  2. Thanks! Me too! Hope you have a great start of your school year with your little ones 🙂

    – Sasha

  3. Hey there,

    Would you mind putting on some of you welcome letters and hygiene permission sheets?


  4. Great idea – those are on my work computer! I will dig them up!

  5. Mi so excited to have found these!!! They will be perfect for me to use next year… Thanks!

  6. What is on your supply list? My supply list is due soon. Thanks! Your blog is amazing!

  7. Thank you for reading!

    My supply list includes: paper towel, clorox wipes, paper plates, paper cups, plastic silverware, ziploc bags, klenex, hand sanitizer, pencils, markers, glue sticks, notebooks, folders, spray cleaner.

  8. I love your beginning of the year forms! Do you have an example of your hygiene permission slip? I teach K-2 Self Contained (Moderate Intellectual Disabilities and Significant Developmental Delay) and would love to work more on hygiene skills. Thanks so much!


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