St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

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St. Patrick’s Day is a stellar excuse for a party. March tends to drag. You start dreaming of April and warm weather and then realize it’s only 4 days into March. Dang. If you are bored you better believe your students are bored too. And you know my mantra – a bored student is a naughty student. So take this excuse to throw a class room shin dig. Use as a reinforcer and you may suddenly have some very well behaved kiddos working for that ever important St. Patty’s Party invite.

First off, to get your party planning under way – let me remind you that you NEED a schedule for your party. You can’t rip away every strategy that is helpful for your student add a bunch of schedule changes and new activities and expect them to be cool with it. If a visual schedule is helpful for your kids on a regular day – it’s even more important on party day.

St. Patty Activities:

Shamrock Freeze, Float, & Shakes are a party must-have. Your students will die over the deliciousness and you will die over the minimal amount of prep required. Plus this resources comes with comprehension activities so you will target some IEP goals while you are at. Dang you are super teacher.

I’m also loving any craft that is minimal prep. Two of my favorites are construction paper shamrocks and q-tip shamrocks. Green construction paper, a stapler, green paint, and some q-tips are all you will need for these two lovelies. Sold.

Some of my other favorite activities include green mashed potatoes (if you’re feeling adventurous), shredded paper rainbows, charting lucky charms (yum), reading There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover (free resource here), and a writing activity.

Happy party planning 🙂


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