My theme for this month is fruit and veggies!  I’ve got some new activities, games, and food tastings planned this month which all relate to my fruit and veggie theme.  I created 3 new I Spy Books which I will be using and pairing with some of these activities/games.  The series includes “I Spy Fruit”, “I Spy Vegetables”, and a combo book “I Spy Fruit and Vegetables”.

I created these books because I want to help my students understand and learn the difference between fruits and vegetables; as well as, just building up their vocabulary of different common food items.  Some of my students are not familiar with all of these different fruit and veggies which is why we will be doing some food sampling at the end of this month!

“I Spy Fruit” focuses on identifying different fruits.  The student has to select the correct fruit which matches the color description from a visual field of 4 pictures.  For example, “I spy with my little eyes a purple fruit”…the student has to find the grapes and place it in the box next to the description.

I used the same color items or vegetables as choices to make it more difficult for the students.

“I Spy Vegetables” focuses on identifying vegetables based on color.  Again, the student has to select the correct food item from a visual field of 4 but now the focus is on identifying vegetables.

The third book is a combination book – “I Spy Fruit and Vegetables”.  The student has to find both a fruit and a vegetable which match the given description.  I mixed up the order so the fruit is not always the first one.  Sometimes they have to find a fruit first and sometimes a vegetable.

Sometimes the student needs to find a fruit and vegetable which are the same color and sometimes different.  Hopefully this book is a little more challenging!

I will share activities I am pairing with these books in the upcoming weeks!  If you are interested in these adapted books you can find them on TPT with the link – I Spy Fruits and Veggies

Sarah Allen, MA CCC-SLP

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