Easter Book and Craft!

With St.Patrick’s Day and Easter so close together I tried to squeeze in some activities for both holidays this month.  Here is one lesson I did for Easter.  Print out this free handout of “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick” book pictures, sequencing pictures, visual questions, and written questions to use with your students.  There Was an Old Lady – Chick

Old Lady Chick Book Set Up

Print, laminate, and cut the book pictures.  I use the smaller book pictures as I read the story.  I add a piece of soft Velcro to the book pictures and a piece of hard Velcro onto the book page next to each item the old lady swallows.  I laminate and add hard Velcro to the blank picture board to store all the book pictures.  This makes it easy to find all the book pictures!

Old Lady Chick Book Page 1

As I read the book, the students find the correct picture to match what the old lady swallows and attaches it to the Velcro in the book.   You can change the level of prompting you use depending on your student level.  Have the student choose from a visual field of 2 or more pictures depending on his/her level and attach the picture in the book.

Old Lady Chick Book Page 5

While reading the story I continuously review the sequential order of the items the old lady swallows.  For example, after the old lady swallows the egg I stop and review the items again….”first chick, second straw, and third egg”.  We continue on in the book and each time I stop and have the students help me review what the old lady swallows using the sequential terms.  I do this to help get the students ready for the sequencing activity I do at the end.

Old Lady Chick Book 4

After the story I get out the larger pictures and I have the students help me place the items in the correct order.  Sometime I give the student a choice of 2 answers.  For example, “first the old lady swallows a.?????” and I hold up the picture of the chick and the basket for the student to choose which one is correct.

There Was An Old Lady Sequencing 2

You can also have your students complete with the visual questions or written questions after you read the story to work on comprehension skills.  Refer back to the book or use the visual pictures to help your students answer the questions.

Slide4 Slide5

Craft Time!

Chick Craft

This turned out to be such a cute craft for my students.  First, I took a paper plate and cut part of the edge off so it wasn’t such a large circle and it would lay flat on the table.  My student have been working on cutting so I had the students take strips of yellow paper and cut them into small squares.  I had my students work on requesting the paper and scissors to complete the cutting task.

Chick Craft Cutting

Next, have the student glue all the yellow pieces onto the circle.  I often take the glue away so the student have to request it multiple times to glue all the pieces on the plate!

You can work on both following directions and requesting to add all the chick’s features – add 2 eyes, 1 beak, 2 wings, 2 long bendy legs, and feathers on top of the chick.

Chick Craft Finished These are some cute chicks!  Happy Easter!


Sarah The Speech Helper


  1. Can you please make more of these for all of the old lady books these are wonderful for my students!!

  2. Yes we will! 🙂

  3. These were fantastic to use with my adapted library classes!!! I would love if you made some more. My students enjoyed these.

  4. I love these! you did a fantastic job. I have been looking or something like these to do with my students in my adapted library classes. Thank you so much, and I look forward to you making more! My students love doing these activities and they are leveled which is perfect.


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