Spring & Planting Unit

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In my mind spring themes and some planting/gardening fun go hand in hand like Friday nights and red wine. We are ready to bust into our spring unit and out of our deep winter blues. I don’t know about you but I am ready for some sunshine and warm weather! We will be incorporating planting and gardening into our spring unit this year. We will do planting with the speech therapist. We are planning on attempting (key word “attempting”) to grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, and some flowers. I got a donorschoose grant a few years ago for tons of gardening equipment so we have plenty of little  pots, shovels, watering cans, and seeds to go around (awesome grant idea if you need one!).

This planting unit is part of my thematic planning system {check out my post on how I plan}.


I am not technologically advanced nor does my classroom run smoothly (see this post) enough to commit to some fancy shmancy visual lesson plans. It needs to be in pencil because you better believe there will be so unplanned changes and switches. Here are the links to the resources and ideas for these activities in date order based on the above plans:

Spring Rhyming by Starsha Malek


Spring ABC Order by More than Math by Mo

{visual method of working on ABC Order}

planting unit


Spring Acrostic Poem by Fun 4 Kidz

planting unit

Umbrella Craft inspired by mamajennblogs.com


Garden Poem by Kidsrcute

planting unit

Plant Markers inspired by Lu Bird Baby

{we will use these to label the plants and flowers we plant… highly unlikely ours will look this adorable}

rocks 1

Plant Research

{We will be using this free worksheet to work on researching online; there is also a version with visuals available}

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 2.21.47 PM

Parts of a Flower Worksheet by aMak

planting unit

Plant Observation Book by Swimming into Second

{We will start this when we doing our planting and continue working on it throughout the following months}

planting unit

Planting Sequencing by Primary Possibilities

planting unit

Plants Have, Need, and Give Worksheet by Miss Artsy

planting unit

Tulip Craft inspired by blogmemom.com


Garden Collage: I am raiding my mom’s collection of home decor magazines and we working on finding planting/gardening pictures and making collages!

Sunflower Craft: {My awesome friend who used to be an art teacher did this with us a few years back and we repeat it every year! This version is similar.}


We will of course also be using our April Bingo a lot this month!
April Bingo

and we are still using our Easter File Folders (because they are so stinkin cute!).

Recently Updated160

I also like to incorporate these themes into the discrete trials programs of my lower functioning students. Those programs can be ridiculously dry and boring – so better spice it up. Tomorrow I will share a few fun thematic worksheets to work on color identification, vocabulary, and counting.


  1. Sometimes I get jelous of all those teachers who can do the fancy plans, but the constant changing keeps things interesting! Think you for the ideas for my upcoming plant unit. We are doing dinosaurs right now.

  2. Hello,
    Have you heard of tickle me plants. They move when you touch them. Too cute! I am thinking of getting the seeds for my kiddo’s.


  3. That is true – we are never bored, right?! haha!

  4. Omigosh those look amazing – thanks for the idea! I think I will need some too 🙂


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