Spring & Planting Unit – freebies for foundational skills

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Yesterday I shared my lengthy explanation and linkapalooza for my spring and planting unit that our room will be doing throughout the month. I refer to these units as my thematic planning but I also like to incorporate these themes into my progress planning as well. Progress planning are the IEP goals and benchmarks that we work on in a consistent and structured format (hence – planning is based on each student’s progress towards the goals). I don’t know about you – but I for sure would get bored if I had to use the same colored flashcards day in and day out to learn colors. BORING. No wonder your student is sprinting away from the table faster than a teacher on the last day of school before summer. Mix it up. Work on these programs use a wide range of materials and activities. Not only is this less boring but you are also programming for generalization – which is really the point of the skill anyways.

Freebie today to go along with the planting unit are some gardening flashcards. I like to use these for building seasonal vocabulary and working on expressive/receptive language. I also using these for counting programs, fine motor programs (cutting out the cards), and other language goals.

planting unit


Next, are two receptive language worksheets. Check out this post for the variety of ways I use these simple worksheets. You can target almost any goal! Okay fine… not almost any. But a lot, I swear.

planting unit


And finally, two coloring sheets. Seems simple but think of all the things you can work on this coloring – color identification, following single or multi step directions, fine motor skills, turn taking, counting, etc. Possibilities galore. And coloring doesn’t always quite seem like work so you might trick your stubborn kiddos.

planting unit

Download all 3 sets of planting resources here: Planting Worksheets. Happy Friday 🙂


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