Here are 2 additional picture identification boards –Spring Animals and Easter Items.

I have made different identifications boards as a follow-up activity to work on following directions and reviewing vocabulary concepts.  I created the Spring Animal Identification board to pair with the adapted book “Bunny, Bunny What Do You See? and the Easter Items Identification board to pair with the adapted book “Where is the Easter Egg?  If you are interested in a FREE copy of either identification board click the following links – Spring Animal Identification Board & Easter Items Identification Board

I’ll just give a quick review how I use these boards with my students.  For my lower functioning students I often fold the paper over so the student can only see one row a time.  Then we point to each picture in row 1 and I say each item.  So for the Spring Animal board I would say “bird, fox, turtle”.  If the student is verbal I have the student try and name the pictures after I say them.  If the student is non-verbal I just model the words for the student.

Then I break the directions up in simple commands.  For example, “touch bird” and after the student correctly identifies the bird I provide the rest of the direction, “color blue”.  I often only give the student a choice of 2 colors of crayons if we are still working on color concepts.  If the student does not know colors I just give student the correct color and model the color concept several time.  Depending on the students’ level, I might do the pictures in order for that row.  So it would be bird, fox, and then turtle.  If the student demonstrates understanding of those animals then I might mix up the order so turtle, bird, and then fox.

You can also work on requesting while completing this task.  Have the student request the needed color crayon to complete the direction.  For one of my student I held up the color crayon and had him request the crayon using his PECS book.  This student is still working on color identification so the target for him was requesting because even presented a choice of 2 crayons he did not select the correct color.  Again, just adapted the activity to meet the needs of your students.

For my higher functioning students, I have the student name all the pictures on the board or receptively identify all the pictures as I say the word.  So for the Easter Identification board I would say “find the Easter basket”, “find the chick” or “find the jelly beans”.  Then I give more complex directions such as “find the Easter basket and color it brown” or “find the chick and color it yellow”.

I either have the students go row by row or I have the students work on looking at all 12 pictures.  Sometimes I even have my students take turns giving the directions to each other.  Then the students get to choice what to find and what color to color it.  They love doing that and it works great for students working on both expressive and pragmatic language skills.

There all lots of different skills you can target with either board.

As a follow-up activity to work on the “how many?” concept I created some worksheets.  If you would like a FREE copy of these pages please click the following link – Easter Counting

The first 2 sheets each have six different boxes with a different number of Easter items in them.  My thought was you could attach these sheets inside a file folder and use it as a file folder activity.  Laminate the file folder and put hard Velcro in all the empty boxes.  Then laminate the number pieces, place soft Velcro on the back of each number, and attach the numbers along the bottom of the page.

The student can then select the correct number to match the items in that square.  This is a great follow-up activity to practice one-to-one correspondence and review holiday vocabulary terms.

The final 2 pages each have 10 “how many” questions which require the student to count the different number of items to answer the question.  You can copy this page and use it as a worksheet.  Just have the students count the items and write the answer in the box.

Another option is you could put the worksheets in page protectors or laminate them and have the students write on the sheets with a dry erase marker.

Hope you can use some of these spring resources with your students!  Here are the links again.

Spring Animal Identification Board

Easter Items Identification Board

Easter Counting

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