Spring Animal Picture Identification Boards {free download}

I like to make identification boards to pair with some of my therapy activities to target receptive language skills and reinforce new vocabulary learned during the lesson. I created this animal identification board to pair with the Bunny, Bunny What Do You See? book and also just to use to work on spring animal vocabulary terms. I included all of the same animals which were in the Bunny, Bunny What Do You See? book plus a couple additional spring animals.

Animal Board

Here is how I used the animal identification board for therapy but there are other ways you can use it. I start with the first row and say the animal’s name as I point to the picture of that animal….”Bird, Fox, Turtle”. If the student is verbal I try to have them repeat the animals’ names as we point to the animals together, if not I repeat the names again. Then I have the students complete 1-2 step directions depending on his/her skill level.

Simple directions – “Touch the turtle”. “Color the turtle green”. For other students I combine it into a multi-step commands, “Color the turtle green” or “Color the turtle green and the bird blue”. If you wanted to make it even more challenging you could give direction such as, “Find the animal who flies and color it blue”. After we finish row 1, I continue onto rows 2, 3, and 4 with the directions. I model the animal names and color concepts multiple times during the lesson. After the lesson we also point to each animal and say the color and animal name. For Row 1 it might be “Blue Bird, Red Fox, and Green Turtle”.

Bunny Pictures 1

Bunny Pictures 2

I have also made different identification boards such as school supplies, food, transportation, or holiday vocabulary terms. These boards have been great to use for both small and large group activities.

Download for free here: Animal Board

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