Time to start the Halloween activities!  “The Spooky Wheels on the Bus” is one of my favorite Halloween books to use with my students.  This year I made some matching book pictures and questions to go along with the book.  Click Here for these free book pictures, visual picture questions, and written picture questions.  the-spooky-wheels-on-the-bus


The book counts up from 1 to 10 on different Halloween items and the sounds those items make.  The book is catchy and interactive for the students.  On the first page – “One spooky bus goes Rattle and Shake, Rattle and Shake, Rattle and Shake”.  The students and I sing the phrase “rattle and shake”.  You can use the same tune as the “Wheels on the Bus” song.

All the pages are so cute!  I mean check it out – “Three noisy cats go MEOW, HISS, HISS, MEOW, HISS, HISS.  MEOW, HISS, HISS.  Three noisy cats go MEOW, HISS, HISS, All through the town.”

Even my students who are less verbal often try and imitate some of the sounds for each page.  I have the kids count the items for that page.  For example, on the page “Five big spiders SPIN THEIR WEBS”.  The students find all five spiders on the page as e count from 1-5.

After you finish reading the book you can have the students either answer the picture questions or the written questions depending on the student’s level.

If you laminate the picture schedules you can have the students use dry erase markers to answer the questions and then reuse the sheets with other groups of students.  I have found latterly that I sometimes laminate 3-4 question sheets and then I can reuse the sheets with multiple groups.

Another great Halloween book to use with your students is “Ten Timid Ghosts”.  Just add this book to your collection and click here for a set of FREE book pictures, visual questions, and written questions to pair with the book.  10 Timid Ghosts Book

Click the link to see how I used this resource last year with my students.  Ten Timid Ghosts.  It was a huge success!

THE SPOOKY WHEELS ON THE BUS LINK —the-spooky-wheels-on-the-bus

TEN TIMID GHOSTS LINK —-10 Timid Ghosts Book


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