Special Ed Resource and Updated Free Visual Questions

Dang guys – I realized I completely forgot to share an awesome resources! I meant to include this in my post about Visual Questions. One of my favorite special ed resources on the web is tinsnips.com. They have seasonal worksheets, links to great academic resources, and some amazing free printables. I use some of these resources in my independent work or homework packets. And then they have these ridiculously cute and obscenely practical conversation starter pages. And they are free! You sold yet? Check them out!

 I printed ALL of these (told you – I love them!) and bound them together. At morning group, I have students ask each other the questions using the visual pages. This has gone really well. There is some embedded choice making involved because they need to pick a friend to ask the question to and then pick which question to ask. It’s great to work on vocabulary, commenting, and of course, question answering. I prompt the question asker to comment after their friend answers the question by saying ‘oh, cool’ or ‘me too’ to lead to reciprocal social responding.

HERE IS YOUR UPDATED VISUAL QUESTION FREEBIE! That was in all caps because I am excited that I could finally update it! Muchos apologizes about the mess up! Enjoy  🙂

visual questions – set 2


  1. Love these! I have them printed out and in a “conversation folder” in my room. Great for when meeting new people!! 🙂

  2. Yes! They are awesome for meeting new people! My kids love the food ones haha!

  3. A lot of your links to the printouts seem to be broken. Can you please update them! I love your ideas for my kindergartener who has autism.


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