Sorting Task Ideas

In my massive closet reorganization craze (which I am still in looooove with by the way), I came across a bunch of sorting file folder activities that I thought I’d share with you all. It may strike some ideas for activities for you to make with your kiddos. I always love looking at peoples’ task ideas because it gets my idea wheels spinning!

I love sorting tasks because it hits some higher level cognitive skills and works on such essential skills as categorizing, associations, and nonidentical matching. This is great for my kids who have mastered matching and need something to work on next. These types of task helps our kiddos who are nonverbal or lower functioning really demonstrate their knowledge and expand their cognitive abilities.

Okay – rant over. Onto ideas.





Hope these spark some ideas of creativity for sorting work tasks (did I mention I love file folder activities also! – such space savers!).

I have some sets of sorting file folder activities on TpT – Sorting by Color, Type, and Size and Sorting by Habitat, Temperature, and Category. I may make some more sets for higher level sorting skills too so be on the lookout!


  1. I create visuals for teachers, and for students with autism, I need a clever way to organize these visuals until they are needed.

    I make these visuals for 6 behavioral specialists in our office so there are a lot of visuals to store, does anyone have a great storage solution?

  2. I would consider organizing in files, bins, or large bag by the type of visual (ie use of the visual) or academic skill!


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