There are so many functional and important topics within the social studies umbrella that it made me so excited to get started on creating the social studies curriculum. Working on map skills, traffic signs, cities, community helpers, needs and wants are all such essential topics to learn about. These concepts can target social studies and literacy while teaching life skills. When we think we don’t have time for social studies – just remember – this isn’t just social studies. This is life skills instruction and literacy instruction. Can’t beat that.

If you teach a multi-level classroom, this curriculum is perfect for you. When you have students at such a board range of different skill levels, the planning and prep work can be ridiculous. You end up pulling from so many different resources. This curriculum helps you avoid all that. It’s 3 different levels of work all in one spot.

There is so much included in this mega resource. From the most amazing rubrics, pre/post test, data sheets, anchor charts, and a curriculum map – definitely check out the video previews to see everything that’s in there 🙂

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