Social stories are a successful way to increase positive behaviors and decrease negative behaviors! I love social stories but sometimes I need something that is more interactive and hands-on. My new obsession is social story adapted books – combining two effective strategies – social stories and adapted books! These books are interactive, engaging, and visually-based! They provide response options for appropriate behaviors so students can demonstrate their understanding of each concept. These set includes 4 stories for common behavioral issues. 

This resource – Social Story Adapted Books {Behavior Edition} – includes 4 stories:
– When I Am Frustrated 
– Being Jealous
– Dealing with Loud Noises
– Going to Time Out 

These mini stories can be used before an anticipated event or read on a regular basis. 

Discriminate between examples and non-examples of appropriate behavior.

Practice what to say.

Review what to do next time.

Here’s a quick peek into one of the books. Learn more here!

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