Social Skill Board Game 🙂

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My awesome speech pathologist brought in this great game the other day and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all. It’s called Blunders Board Game (check it out on amazon and it’s only $17!). This game is super challenging so it would be great for your higher functioning students who have sufficient language to work on these skills. I initially thought it would be too hard for my kids. But I never should underestimate my little geniuses – because they did great. It was a good reminder to me how important it is to continue to challenge and up the ante for my students  – in all areas.

Since this is a board game – it was very familiar for my kids. The structure of a basic game is something they know and I think this made the difficult content less intimidating. Each students gets to be a ‘character’ who has different social skill problems – or as we call in my room ‘bad behaviors.’ They get to pretend to be that character and respond to different scenarios. I like the idea of them being the character because this makes it easier for them to notice the inappropriate behaviors on someone else



My kiddos loved it 🙂




There are 3 different sets of types of cards – Home, Play, and Dine. There are a variety of types of questions – multiple choice, true/false, charade, etc. based on the context. We had to make the language easier and more simple for some kids but that wasn’t too difficult. And it gave some great insight on to which social skill areas we need to target more in real life!



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