Snowflake Crafts

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We have been hitting the snow theme hard lately. December was overflowing with Christmas activities that we didn’t even touch on one snow activity. I was saving it for January – because we all know how long January can be. We need plenty of fun activities to get us through. Also up on the agenda this month: glue/shaving cream snowman, sensory snow bin, Snowglobe poem, reading The Mitten, 3 snowman book read alouds, and whole week of penguin activities. Because you know snow – penguins… eh. That works right?

This craft turned out surprising cute. I made all of this big pink snowflakes on the die cute machine with no real plan in mind. I sneakily did pink because I figured if we keep it up until Valentine’s Day – no harm, no foul. I had this random stash of buttons so I thought that’d be cute to decorate the snowflakes with but I needed something to mount them on. I had keep pieces of cardstock from our 2013 calendars – done.

We decorated the cardstock with do-a-dot art markers. IMG_2669

My kids love these markers. Great for my kids who are lower and perfect to work on requesting colors, fine motor skills of twist for opening/closing cap, and fine motor skills for pushing marker onto the paper.


Then we glued the snowflakes onto the cardboard and then glued buttons onto the snowflake. More great fine motor work! 🙂

Turned out so cute!

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We have also been loving making paper cut out snowflakes. We did a few in January for our Christmas tree forest in the hall and my older boys are just obsessed. It was like magic the first time I demonstrated how to make a snowflake and unfolded that little beauty. Jawdropping wonder.


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