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With back to school in full swing, I had the privilege of working with a kiddo using the Level 0.5 Language Arts curriculum.  When I was in the classroom full time, I ALWAYS had The Autism Helper Curriculums (for both math and language arts).  I cannot say enough about the progress I saw in ALL my students when implementing the different curriculums. They were so easy to set up, and I knew that even when I was out for a day, my classroom would keep running smoothly. I never felt like I was leaving meaningless “busy work”.  Knowing they are based off the Assessment of Basic Language and Learner Skills, I always felt confident knowing my students were working on essential skill building.  Since these curriculums were created, many activities have been created that correspond with each unit.  Classrooms always have an array of skill level and the fact that these curriculums come scaffolded means you will always feel supported!  Let’s look at Level 0.5!

Pre & Post Tests

Each unit within the leveled curriculums has a pre and posttest. They are quick, have the same structure every time and pinpoint exactly what skills to target.  From there you can see if you need to move up a unit, repeat a unit or target a specific set of skills. I just love seeing how much progress students make after the post test.  In our school we had observations plus progress outcomes we were required to meet. I always felt confident having these leveled curriculums as supporting data to show progress!

Supporting Materials

Once you complete the pre test, the grading rubric will pinpoint exactly what skills to work on. Completing a page or two a day is effective however, having some supporting materials that correspond with the each unit is incredible!  I always love incorporating different motor components of learning too. By this I mean, using a creative writing pencil (adaptive, colored pencils ,play doh, whatever your student needs) while also using interactive matching materials!  You will literally take the learning off the page and into their hands with these activities! These supporting materials are the Level 0.5 file folders for Language Arts and you can find them here. 

Materials and Prep

The great news about the set-up of these curriculums is that you can do it in whatever way is most beneficial to your classroom flow and structure.  For example, you may have limited space and trifold folders work best. Or maybe you love a 3-ring binder and have tabs that house all your students’ current units.  Material wise, I like to have some different options available such as colored pencils, regular pencils, dry erase markers and Bingo daubers for the matching part. Can we have a moment for how much more exciting it is to use Bingo daubers?  Additionally, do not feel like you need to prep every single unit as once.  Start with the first one and print off the pre-test and go from there! Then you won’t waste time on prepping materials that you do not need.  Happy teaching!

You can find Level 0.5 here
All the levels here!
Math Curriculums here!
Supporting materials: Leveled File Folders 0.5 here!


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