Going to share a throwback freebie because I still love it so much. For our older student who are still working on foundational level skills, it can be tricky to keep things age appropriate while still targeting easy concepts like matching or sorting. I said – tricky – not impossible by any means. You have to get creative but it’s SO important. It is my pet peeve in life to see junior high and high school aged students doing preschool looking activities. (read more on tips for keeping things age appropriate here)

For students who are working on basic skills such as simple matching, it can be extremely difficult to find matching tasks that do look like you just grabbed it from the preschool classroom. I have walked into one too many a classroom and found a 15 year old matching pastel colored bears. I made these simple matching file folders for a client during the summer and I just loved how they turned out! They are cool & fun but still target basic matching allowing even lower level learners the chance to work independently on a task at their level.

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