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In the fine words of Tom and Donna from Parks and Rec:


It’s the end of the year. You’ve worked that little tush off all year. You’ve written IEPs, you’ve chased children manically down the hallways, and you’ve cleaned up puke. You’ve lesson planned, sub planned, curriculum planned, unit planned, and planned what wine you will be drinking on Friday night (ehh… afternoon). We are so close to the end of the year you can almost taste it. But hold your horses, momma. We ain’t there yet. Don’t pack up those teacher binders too soon. We have to finish up the year. So treat yo self and grab some goodies to end the year right. Everything Autism Helper is 28% off today and tomorrow with coupon code ThankYou.

Shop our pinterest board product quick guide page:

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Shop our Video Product Previews and see every page of every product!

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Check out what’s brand spankin’ new:

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Happy shopping!


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