Shopaholic Problems!

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So  I have this little teeny tiny problem… shopping. I’ll admit it – I love shopping for everything. Shoes, dresses, bags, honestly I don’t even mind grocery shopping. So of course, I love love LOVE shopping for my classroom. The target dollar spot is a danger zone, Ikea is is hazardous, and I have never even let myself go to the Lakeshore Learning store. I’ve restrained myself lately and haven’t gone overboard (yet…) but I did pick up some awesome finds for some very reasonable prices! Thought I’d share! All these ones from the Target dollar spot:


Tons of tubs! I can use these everywhere!









I use these containers for my Guided Reading Library. We outgrew our library last year so I need more! Argh- I could only find 3 green – so I’m on the hunt for a few more (of course they all need to match!)









Love these dry erase activities! These will be great for downtime! I bought all of them – $1 each!









Love that these puzzles are easy but not too babyish looking.









How cute are these speech bubble dry erase boards? My kids will love these!









Bought a few packs of these puzzle piece foam piece – great for autism awareness month in April.









Bunch of really cute organizers, pencil holders, and mechanical pencils. I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff!









More books for our library and Angry bird activity books!! Can’t wait to bust these out in September.










I think I did pretty well? School supplies for a dollar is genius. My new secret school supply store is Costco! Who would have thought!? I just got a Costco membership and along side my 50 rolls of toilet paper and 3 galloon jar of pickles were these great steals:

Counting and Association Puzzles (both for $9.99!)









I like that the counting puzzle includes the written number word, the number, and the physical representation. That can be a tricky association for some kids.









Love association tasks! Great for my learners who have mastered complex matching and ready to move on to something harder. Also if you use the ABLLS (Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills), there are several association goals so this is a great task to work on those.









I also bought 3 sets of these Bob Books. Each set had between 12-20 books all for $9! Most are based on word families and letter patterns so this will go along well with our reading and spelling curriculum.


















I’m sure I’ll have more shopping finds to share in the next few weeks!


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