Setting Up Leveled Daily Work

Leveled Daily Work Set-Up

Have you heard the amazing news? TAH just released 0.5 Leveled Daily Work! I’ve used level 1 and 2 in my classroom for years, but this year I found a huge need for a 0.5 level. One of my favorite parts of Leveled Daily Work is that it’s so versatile. It’s one of those products that gives you a huge bang for your buck. You can use it whole group, small group, or individually. Here’s how I set it up each way.

Whole Group

This set-up is works if your whole class is on the same level (a teacher can dream, right?!). For this set up, I suggest projecting the daily page onto your board so the whole class can see it. Have the worksheets copied for each student and have them copy the Leveled Daily Work from the board. This is amazing practice for the general education classroom. Plus, it’s a teacher’s dream – minimal prep and set up for the whole year!

Small Groups

For small groups you can set up one of two ways. First, you can use a binder with a clear pouch in front. Store your anchor charts in the binder and keep the student workbook pages copied and ready to go in there as well. This keeps everything ready to go for your small group. Set the binder up so everyone in the group can see it and you are ready to go! I keep one binder per level I’m using in the classroom.

The second way I set up for small groups is by using an acrylic frame that stands up on its own. You can find them at Wal-mart, Target, and Amazon around $1 each. This pack of twelve is $14. Each group would be set up with their own level’s daily worksheet page and anchor chart. Slip the anchor chart into the frame and have your students get to work!

One on One

Occasionally you’ll have a student that needs one to one instruction or support, or even just one student on a level. This method works really well when students struggle with copying from a board or something far away. When this happens, I set up a binder for the student. I put the anchor chart on the left of the page (hole punches go on the right side of the page) and the student work page (hole punches go on the left side of the page). Then the student is just copying from one page to another. Everything is contained in one spot and is easy to set up wherever the student is working.

No matter how you set up and use your Leveled Daily Work, you’ll love it! It’s little prep (print and go!) for you with big outcomes for your students. Any resource that gives you a year’s worth of materials at once, is a win!

Jen Koenig, B.S, M.Ed., LBS1
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