Setting Up Leveled Homework

Do you want to know what is a truly amazing feeling? Being DONE with homework for the entire school year. Yep, you read that right. I am completely ready & setup for individually levels homework for all of my kiddos right up through June. Before you think how completely insane and OCD I am, let me clarify the stress relief and time saving aspect of having this checked off my to do list.


It kinda makes me feel like this:


No I don’t know that baby but it’s just too dang cute & hilarious. So in the midst of classroom setup [photos to be revealed next week] I setup my homework for the year and it took probably less than an hour in total.

  1. Print all Leveled Homework Packs. They are all black & white so your color ink cartridge will thank you! The Autism Helper The Autism Helper The Autism Helper
  2. Decide which students will be doing each level. Level 1 is minimal writing, mostly tracing and copying, with a focus on letter/number/color identification, counting, and size. Level 2 focus on basic question answering, single digit addition, basic math skills, and foundational grammar. Level 3 works on making inferences, abstract questions, more advanced math, and reading comprehension. IMG_6574
  3. Label a folder for each student. Label a notebook for each student using  Level 2 or 3. The Autism Helper  The Autism Helper
  4. Photo copy parent notes to be sent home. The parent note explains the purpose of homework and how a parent can best help their child. The Autism Helper
  5. Put your feet up and relax. Your work is done! 5b53d9f62f0ebe262100208d4540b95b



You want that easy, peasy slice of heaven too? Purchase here: Leveled Homework Bundle!

The Autism Helper





  1. I can not wait to get this and set it up! You are amazing!!!

  2. These are wonderful!! I purchased them as soon as I could and my kiddos have already started on them. It makes it easy for the kids to know what homework they need to work on and it doesn’t take too much time at home. THANK YOU!!

  3. You are so very welcome! 🙂

  4. I sent mine home today! It was so nice to have one less thing to prepare 🙂

  5. SO great to hear!

  6. Sasha,
    My secretary at the school I work for purchased this bundle for my classroom to go along with the Level Work Bundle I use daily. Unfortunately, the level three will not download. Levels 1 and 2 downloaded with out any problems. Do you have any suggestions as to what we should do to get the Level 3 to download? Thanks for your help and sharing your wonderful work.

  7. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear this! Will you forward me your receipt or send me your TpT username and I’ll directly send you level 3. My email is Sorry about that!

  8. I’m purchased this, and I’m ready to start it this week!! I will be doing the same dance as the baby in the video.

  9. Glad to hear! 🙂


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