September Lesson Plans

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I have gotten a lot of feedback that readers would benefit from seasonal & thematic ideas, lessons, and activities at the start of the month. Which makes total sense because who wants to do Halloween activities in November, right? Now, I did do MLK day activities after the fact but that’s only because the craziness of my job got in the way. Don’t tattle on me. It was still okay. I have heard your feedback and I agree! Look at you all, shaping my behavior. It’s like you are all little behavior analysts and you don’t even know. So each month I will be dedicating the first few posts of the monthly to a preview of what I will be doing in my classroom that month. This will hopefully help with your planning & prepping. If I am super crazy organized – it may even be at the end of the month before. But I’m making no promises.

We don’t have anything too major going on in September because – let’s be honest – it’s September. My thematic unit is getting through the freaken month. I am going to be updating the ABLLS with some of my lower functioning students. I already updated my reading assessments on my higher guys. We will be doing a farm theme at the end of the month since we are doing our annual family field trip to Rustic Falls the last weekend in September. I am keeping the farm theme a little more mature by during farm jobs and “research” on farm animals.

Here are my lesson plans for my direct instruction reading group. I have a high level group who mostly all read at a 2/3rd grade level and what I consider a mid level group who mostly read at a K/1st grade level and have some very splintered skill levels.

Disclaimer: My lesson plans aren’t fancy. They aren’t typed. You can’t click on a link to the activity or resource. Want to know why? Because my job is an ever changing wonder and you better believe I write these puppies in pencil. You may have  great set of activities lined up but then one of your students has a meltdown and guess what? That’s all you. Time to arrange. So my advice: stay flexible, plan in pencil, and be okay with the changes.



Download the PDFs: Mid Level September Lesson Plans and High Level September Lesson Plans.

Links for Activities:

Also, be sure to check out my September Bingo Game. My kids LOVE bingo.


I am SUPER excited about the rest of this week’s post.

The rest of this week is dedicated to The Autism Helper Classroom!

Tuesday: Class Photos

Wednesday: Video Tour

Thursday: Layout Diagram

Friday: Class Schedule


  1. This is exactly what I was looking for 🙂 Do you have any direction for math/science? Very new to your blog – so forgive me if I’ve overlooked it….

  2. Thanks for joining up at the link party at The Dynamic Duo: Adventures in Speech & Special Ed!

  3. As you figure them out, will you be showing the rest of your themes for the year?

  4. Yes, definitely! The week before the month I will give my lesson plans and activities!

  5. Did you have low group for Sep??

  6. In September with my low group – we focused on reviewing basic skills and getting group behaviors and routines down! Makes the rest of my year amazing! 🙂

  7. Dear Sasha,
    I cannot tell you how relieved I feel by seeing your simplified and lesson plans!!! In pencil! Thank you for the reminders to be flexible too! Your tips, methods, videos —this is just another example of how great your site is!! It rocks!!! Thank you!!!

  8. Aww thanks for reading Sherra! Yep – I think simple is best! Pencil and paper 🙂


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