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Self-monitoring is such an important and critical life skill that we should be targeting to some degree with all of our students. Whether you are getting more advanced and complex and teaching students to monitor their own behavior choices or just something simple like checking their work – the progress towards this goal is so essential. As adults, we are constantly self-monitoring and it’s what helps us accomplish tasks and maintain friendships and relationships. So in some small way, add this in to each of your students’ days!

Monitor Behavior

It’s an important life skill to be able to monitor your own behaviors. That’s something that you and I do each day. Nobody follows us around handing us tokens and stickers for appropriate behavior. We keep ourselves in check (mostly) and handle the consequences of our behaviors. This is a great goal for our kids. It takes time. This isn’t going to happen over night. Have students start to self-monitor their behavior by tracking their own good or bad choices, rating their behavior on a rubric, or administering break cards as needed.

To start this process, give clear and concrete rules or guidelines. Give examples of good or bad choices. Model and role play what is included within each category. Approach teaching self-monitoring in the same way you would approach training your classroom assistants on implementing a new behavior plan. You need to be thorough!

Monitor Work Completion & Accuracy

Students can also self-monitor the accuracy or completion of their work. Have students check their work use an answer key, anchor chart, or calculator. Students can post their grades to show growth and track progress over time. Having students self-correct their errors help students learn from their mistakes.

Monitor Schedules

Create simple mini-schedules or to do lists for students to complete on their own. Have them self-monitor staying on the schedule. For students who can tell time, I love using a time based schedule. Your kids will have to stay on top the clock making sure they know when to rotate groups.


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