Seasonal Math Puzzles

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Hands-on math materials having been saving my behind this school year! We have been trying our some new math rotations and math sorts and math puzzles have been perfect for independent work time. I have this set of math puzzles for addition, subtraction, and multiplication. I love these resources they are seasonal, interactive, and easily differentiated for my wide rang of learners.



The Autism Helper

I store them in snack size ziploc baggies and taped the label on the front. Learn how I store all of my sorts here!

The Autism Helper

I put on the directions to write the problems after doing the puzzle. This will be a great way to reinforce the skills even more.

This set of Seasonal Math Puzzles  includes 540 puzzles for addition, subtraction, and multiplication. There are 10 sets of 6 matches for each math operation for fall, winter, and spring. Labels are also included.




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