Science File Folder Activities

Science concepts can be difficult to target at the foundation level. Teaching some of these higher level and more abstract can be very hard for some of our students to understand. Use these fun and engaging file folder activities to teach basic science themes. File folder activities are great because they are structured, easy for your students to understand, and hands-on. Use for independent work tasks, homework, or one-on-one work time. These activities are great for inclusion settings where low level students need to be working on grade level concepts. 

Science File Folder Activities contains 11 File Folder Activities!
– Match Science Equipment
– Match Simple Machines
– Match Graphs
– Match Planets
– Match Body Parts
– Match Organs
– Match Animals to Habitat
– Sort Living and Non-Living
– Sort Solids and Liquids
– Sort Hot and Cold
– Sequence the Plant Life Cycle 

Check out some examples!

The Autism Helper

The Autism Helper

The Autism Helper


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