School Vocabulary Unit

The start of the year is the best time to work on school themed vocabulary. Because then you have the rest of the glorious year to practice and generalize this skill. No more, “Can you grab me that stapler? I said stapler. The thing next to the pencils. Oh wait, you don’t know what pencils or a stapler is…” These vocabulary words are insanely functional because we talk about these concepts all freaken day. I dare you to take frequency data on how many times you say pencil in one school day. Might scare ya.

My vocabulary units are more convenient than keurig coffee maker. Print, copy, and go. These are a life saver for me. I throw the tracing, spelling, and writing pages into my guys’ morning binders for some awesomely individualized independent work. The data sheet and vocabulary page go over to one of the stations my paraprofessionals run. My verbal guys work on expressive language and my nonverbal kiddos work on receptive language. We all work on the same theme in our own different ways. Easy, peasy.

The Autism HelperThe Autism Helper

I am planning on doing school supply vocabulary in the start of the year and then jumping over to my Fall Vocabulary Unit for some fall and Halloween themed focus later in the season.

The Autism Helper


Check out the video product preview of my School Vocabulary Unit. It includes units on school supply vocabulary, classes, school verbs, school people, and school places. It’s a classroom must-have 🙂 


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