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Time for more back to school resources! This next pack is full of chevron beautifulness! This download = binder covers and labels galore. And don’t worry. I’ve (of course!) give you plenty of color options to match any classroom decor (or printer budget…). This Back to School Set-Up Tools Packet will l guide your classroom set up! It includes binder labels, homework systems, and teacher organization tools that are critical for setting up a stellar classroom!

All forms are included in both PDF and an editable powerpoint version! That way – you can customize everything specifically for your class! Add your students’ names, center labels, or whatever else you need labels for!

Binder Covers and Labels: First up are 3 different versions of binder covers and spine labels. I use binders every where in my classroom. For data systems, IEP programs, student schedule, and center work – binders are every where! I made three different styles of binder covers with coordinating spine labels.  The spine labels help keep binders organized when they are kept in a bookshelf. All are editable so you can label them for whatever use you would like.  Adding a color coding component will help some of your students who struggle to discriminate their name.

The Autism helper - Back to School Packet

The Autism helper - Back to School Packet

The Autism helper - Back to School Packet

For my students schedule binders, I went with the polka dot circle covers. They turned out SO stinkin’ cute! Ahhh 🙂

my binder covers


Morning Group Headings: Many classrooms have a calendar group center. Whether you call it calendar time, morning meeting, morning time, morning group, or some other crazy creative name – it’s a good idea to keep your board structured and organized! Make it predictable and clearly label each area/activity. Here are a set of labels that can be used to label morning time activities. All are editable if needed!

The Autism helper - Back to School Packet

Homework Folder Organization System: Let’s face it – homework can be a big pain. Here is a simple and easy homework system that will enable your students to complete and turn in their homework independently. Many students (including those with and without autism) struggle to maintain organization. Providing simple prompts such as how to organize a folder will allow your students to focus on the actual work including in the homework and not get caught up in the process. Included here are labels for the front of a homework folder as well as labels for each inside pocket. Homework that needs to be done goes on one side and homework that is finished goes on the other side. I also included a homework rules cue that can be included on your students’ homework folder. The finished label for completed homework is on the following page. This will help clarify where students need to turn in homework.

homework rules

Word Wall Headings: Use these cute word wall labels for your classroom word wall! I use my 150 Vocabulary Words for Early Childhood or Special Education for my word wall. We work on 5 new words a week at morning time and once they are masted – they go up on the word wall!

The Autism helper - Back to School Packet

Teacher Organization: Teachers have busy lives! There is nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed or feeling like you are forgetting things. Guess what? There is a simple solution – teachers need visuals, prompts, structure, and schedules too! Here are some of my must used teacher organization tools. The first one is critical to keeping track of all of your usernames and passwords! I print this sheet out and hand write them as i create new ones. Never waste time again waiting for a new password to get sent to you! The next three tools are teacher to do lists. There is a weekly, monthly, and quaterly to do list. This will help remind you of thing that need to be done at certain times throughout the year. Maybe you plan on switching up certain centers or bulletin boards each month. Use these prompts to make your life easier and more efficient!

The Autism helper - Back to School Packet

Worksheet Binder Organization System: I get asked all the time about the best way to organize worksheets. It is super tricky. I have tried a ton of different ways and I think the easiest and most efficient method is binders! Here are the binder covers and spine labels to organize your worksheets by type. This will make it easy to find an activity to specifically target your students’ needs!

The Autism helper - Back to School Packet

The Autism helper - Back to School Packet

Check out the video product preview to see every single piece of this awesome product! 🙂


  1. Your website is amazing. Thank you for all the info you share!! I am trying to locate 2 products that you use at morning group. I am looking for the Journal topics (the photos) and “what animal would you be”. Are these items from Lakeshore? I cannot locate them and I am wondering the proper names. THANK YOU!!


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