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Get ready to fill your carts – costco style! The almighty, show-stopping, preteens screaming at Bieber, mother of sale is right around the corner. It’s the Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale – August 18 & 19. This sale gets you prepared to full on tackle your school year with gusto. Get prepared. Heck. Get over prepared. The Autism Helper will be there with bells on. Every item is 28% off so stock up folks – fill your cart today and checkout tomorrow! Coupon code is BTS13.

My product list is getting lengthy and you know I like to stay organized. Here are a few ways you can go through my product to find exactly what you need:

Of course, there is the good ole’ Teachers Pay Teachers Store:

The Autism Helper

You can organize products by best sellers or most recent. If you are a frequent TAH shopper be sure to check out all my new products that I have been super busy posting all summer.

The Autism Helper

Sometimes the TpT store gets overwhelming to me. Check out my My Products page. It has all of my products organized by type so you can quickly locate the kinds of resources you can’t live without 🙂

 The Autism Helper

Also – pinterest to the rescue! As always, right!? What the heck did we teachers do before pinterest? I have a few pinterest boards that will help your shopping needs. My Product Quick Guide Page has all of my products with a few line description and links you directly to the TpT product page.

The Autism Helper

I make video product previews of all of my products. I take you through each and every page of my products so you know exactly what you are buying before you click. (don’t mind my dryer that periodically buzzes throughout some of the videos… I’ve gotta multi task!). Check out the Video Product Preview Page. Links to products are in the youtube description.

The Autism Helper

Happy Shopping, friends!! 🙂 


  1. Hey Sasha,

    Love your blog and your products! Your resources are going to make my year a lot better!
    Is there a different code for the TpT sale? BTS13 isn’t working for me. Maybe I’m putting it in the wrong space? I have no clue!


  2. Sorry maybe I wasn’t clear – but the sale starts tomorrow! This post was just a reminder 🙂 The code will work tomorrow! Thanks!

  3. Thanks! I missed the dates when I was reading through the post.


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