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Today was my last day of summer school and I was very sad to say bye to my high schoolers once and for all and one of most helpful students who is moving and off to his new school. I can’t help but get so attached to all my guys! My 8th graders I have had for 4 years! That’s a lot of time to spend together and I am really going to miss them next year 🙁

For the rest of my kiddos, they have about a month of rest and relaxation until they are back to the grind! I know this transition can be very hard for some kids with autism. They are so used to their routine and the summer break completely throws that off. Then once they get into the routine of staying home it’s back to school! We use calendars to plan for all big transitions. I find this very helpful – I send home a monthly calendar with all big events so the kids know when they are happening. A lot of my parents in my class use the calendars for home events too and write in when they are going to grandma’s house, out to eat, or special trip to the movie theater. I love the boardmaker calendars. They are really clear and easy to understand. Here is an August and September calendar:

August calendar

September calendar


  1. Will you be making more calendars? or if you can give me a “how to” for Boardmaker, I can make them. I have not taken the training on Boardmaker, but can make some things. I need to just spend time playing with it. My para used to make everything and she is no longer with me. I wish I would’ve learned before she left.

  2. I’d be happy to make you some more! I’ll send them over tomorrow!


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