Schedule Based Token Boards

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Token boards are a classroom essential. They provide a means of giving students reinforcement without constantly have cheetos or iPad breaks. Students work for a preferred item and earn stars or tokens along the way. I am really excited to shared these schedule based token boards we made in a colleagues classroom. Each student has their own specific token board that is individualized to their schedule. These token boards provide schedule assistance, reinforcement for each center activity, and a structured way to work for a big break after a busy rotation of activities. LOVE it! Here is my regular token board. Students can earn tokens for appropriate behavior, completion of work tasks, correct responses, etc.

These Schedule Based Token Boards have specific spaces for each student to earn a token for each center in their schedule. So – if their morning rotation is science, teacher time, language, and reading – they can earn a star for each station. The star goes right on top of the visual for each station. Instead of having velcro choice pieces for reinforcer options – we included the 2 most common preferred activities (iPad and break time) and then did a generic “special treat” image for other options. Students circle what they want to work for with a dry erase board.

Besides having a structured and specific way to earn tokens toward a bigger break – this token board also helps students navigate their schedule by reminding them of the order of activities and how many stations are left in their rotation. I love built in behavior management interventions!

Sneaky tip: use clear velcro on the schedule pictures so students can still see images and not have it covered up by velcro! Also, label each board with the student’s name. Now everyone has their own system!


Are you interested in this for your room?

If so, purchase my regular token board package – Positive Reinforcement System for Children with Autism. Forward me your receipt and your order of 5 daily activities and 3 reinforcer options and I’ll send it over!


  1. Hi,

    Do they have to get all the stars before receiving the reward? If so, what happens when they don’t get a star for a specific activity?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Yes – they would need to get all stars. It depends on the student but if they didn’t get a star at an activity – they could go back and repeat it at the end and then get a shorter time use of reinforcer, use the reinforcer time after the center rotation to make up missed work, loss reinforcer all together, or engage in some type of extra task before getting the reinforcer. Hope this helps!


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