Yes. I admit it. I am obsessed with fluency. Obsessed. Fluency is important. So important I’m obsessed. We live in a fast paced world. Nobody is going to wait behind you in line at the grocery store as you laboriously count each coin and bill you are paying with. As educators and parents of individuals with autism, we need to ensure that not only are the skills we are teaching are mastered – they are fluent.

Fluency training is an efficient and effective method of teaching communicative, academic, and functional skills to individuals with autism. Within a busy classroom or home program, it is critical that all teaching time is as efficient as possible. This program requires relatively minimal time to setup, implement, and maintain however can have hugely effective results. Have I sold you yet? Yes – I said minutes of time. Minutes. Here is the info and video tutorial on how to set up a fluency station. 

Here is a new video tutorial on how to run the fluency programs:

Enjoy 🙂


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