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Do you guys follow Smart Apps for Kids on Facebook? If you don’t – you should! They do this cool thing called GFAOTD. It took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to figure out what that acronymn stood for. Not because it was easy to figure out just because it said Good Free App of the Day next to each time. Yikes. Basically it’s what the crazy anronymn says – it posts cool free apps. Here is what I have found lately:

  • Vocabulary Spelling Setting: This link should NOT be free. I would for sure pay up to $3.99 for it. It is for grades K – 12. You pick a list for what age level (colors, sounds like, beach, etc.) and then pick which of 6 games you would like to play with those words. Its a fun way to work on spelling and vocabulary with tons of variety!

  • Educreations: Okay I admittedly have not played around with this one yet – but I feel like it has SO much potential. It’s a recordable dry erase board. You can input photos, make pictures, and record your voice to go along with this. Usually apps like this are expensive. This is #1 on the Top 100 List of Free Apps.

  • Lorax HD: This app is not really educational but it’s too cute ­čÖé It’s similar to Angry Birds. I think it’d be great for little guys and this would be an awesome reinforcer!

  • Build A Word Express: This is a great spelling app. There is a ‘learn,’ ‘practice,’ and ‘test’ level to work on spelling words. The free version comes with -ck words, sl-/fl-/cl- words, long vowel, and Dolch Primer.

  • Sushi Monster: Pick addition or multiplication. Pick which number either add up or multiply up to the target number.


  • Toddler Little Stars: This is a receptive language app for animals, first words, letter names and sounds, counting, shapes and colors. Very straight forward and great for early learners.
  • I Can Write 2: Students make sentences based on a picture using correct is/are and prepositions based on the location of the object. I love this app!


  • Using “I and Me”:┬áNormally the Super Duper Apps are between $4-$6 so I couldn’t believe this one was free! Pick I or Me for each sentence and picture.

  • Dial Safe Pro┬á: This is an app I wish I invented. Work on safety skills by practicing dialing emergency numbers in this child friendly app. There are a few learning videos that talk about what a phone it, what 911 is, and what strangers are. Then there are practice activities for dialing 911 and home phone number. There is also a test level. I think this would ┬ábe great for young children and children with autism or special needs!


What free apps do you like?



  1. Great roundup of resources for free apps!
    I like: Model Me Going Places – a free app that basically brings to life some social stories. The app is intended to be a supplement to their DVD (of the same name) but we downloaded the free app first (and later bought the DVD, because it was such a hit). Great for kids who need extra modeling via social stories.

  2. Yes- I love Model Me Going Places! I will look into their DVDs – I didn’t know they had those!

  3. We use Android tablets at our school. Do you know of any resources for finding great apps for Androi? Thanks, Kate

  4. Sorry – I’m not too familiar with android apps. Anyone know any good Android apps??


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