Recycling Unit

We are winding down our Community Helpers Unit. My kids have really enjoyed this one. And their learning is totally generalizing! A mailman walked into the building the other day and one of my kiddos oh so politely said, “Hello mail carrier!” How politically correct are we? As we close the book on community fun we are gearing up to start our next social studies unit (check out this link about how I organize and schedule social studies) – Recycling!

I am super pumped about this unit for several reasons: 1. we have a recycling center in our life skills room so they already have some prior knowledge! 2. What’s better than learning about being green? 3. We have loads of things to talk about by the time Earth Day rolls around. LOVE it!

I just uploaded my Recycling Unit. Like my other social studies units is jam packed full of fun, hands-on activities that are sure to span level of learners in your class! I have some easy and basic worksheets all the way to creative writing, true/false, more academic based work. This unit lends itself to tons of sorting too which is nice. Check it out!

10 Flashcards with Definitions


Adapted Book with Picture Pieces


Recycling Bingo {two levels of play included}


I have, Who has? Recycling Game

recycling game

Over 30 Worksheets!

{match to picture, word picture, coloring, following directions, comprehension questions, leveled passages, sorting, cut and paste, and more!}


Check out the video product preview to hear and see all about it:


Check it out! This recycling unit would be a perfect lead up to Earth Day 🙂


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