Receptive Singular and Plural Task Cards

I’m excited about these new receptive singular and plural task cards I just finished.  I created these cards because I have some students having difficulty understanding the difference between singular and plural nouns.  This set of task cards is perfect to teach and practice this language skill.  This set contains 100 cards!  I like to create large task card sets so my students get lots of practice and don’t just memorize the same few cards. 

These cards can be used during direct teacher instruction or at an independent work station.  When I use them during therapy I give my student a card and then either I read the card to them or have the student read it depending on their reading abilities.  Then my student points to the correct answer.  I usually have each of my students complete 10-15 cards in the group and then we play a quick game as a reinforcement.

For this set I created a singular and plural card for each targeted noun.  For example “find the shirt” and “find the shirts”.  That why the student gets practice with both the singular and plural form of each noun.  I used several nouns which just use the regular plural /s/ ending on the word.  Such as “dog” and “dogs” and “bat” and “bats”.  I did try to make some cards tricky with multiple meaning words.

I also incorporates lots of different irregular plural forms.  Some are the more common irregular plural forms such as “flies”, “leaves” or “buses”.

Then others are a little more challenging irregular plural nouns such as “teeth”, “feet”, and “oxen”.    

You use these cards at an independent work station.  Just have your student use a dry erase marker or clip to mark the right answer.  After your student completes a certain number of cards you can check them.  If you are using these at an independent work station it should be to reinforce and practice this skill so they should get most of them correct.

If you are interested in using these cards with your students check them out on TPT with the link – Receptive Singular and Plural Task Cards


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