Receptive Present Progressive Verb Task Cards

I’m excited about these new receptive present progressive task cards I recently finished making.  I created these cards because I’m always working with students on learning and identifying different action verbs concepts.  This set is large and contains 150 task cards!  The reason for this is there are a lot of verbs we use all the time and I want my students to learn these verb concepts but I also created 2 cards for 60 of those more common verbs.  I’m always trying to create larger sets of material because I want my students to have lots of practice and multiple examples when possible.  I wanted to create 2 cards for as many verbs as I could because I think it’s important our students not just memorize one picture associated with that verb.  Multiple examples is better so it helps our students generalize their knowledge.

I know targeting 90 different verbs is a lot but my thought was that I can break down the cards and use them at different times during the year.  Maybe you want to target 5-10 action verbs each week or every two weeks and you can include these task cards during your direct teacher instruction or at your student’s work station for the week.  When using these cards for direct instruction, I read the card to my student if they can’t read or let them read the card if they can and then I have my student either point to or circle with a dry erase marker the answer.  My students love to use dry erase markers and since the cards are laminated they are easy to clean off after we finish.

You can also reduce the visual field to 2 choices if looking at all 3 is too difficult for your student at first.  Then after you work on the verbs a couple times see if you can then work on identifying the correct picture to match the given action verb from all 3 pictures.

You can do this completely as a receptive language task and you read the cards and the student identifies the answer by pointing to/circling the correct picture.  I also have been expanding the activity to target expressive language skills with some my students.  With my verbal students after he/she identifies the correct picture I ask again what the person is doing.  For example, after the student points to the boy climbing I ask “what is he doing?”  I want my student now to be able to verbally identify that action and say “climbing” or work on expanding the utterance to say “he is climbing”.

This is also a good time to work on finding those action verbs on an AAC device.  I want my students to be able to generalize the understanding and concept of these verbs.  After identifying the correct picture to go with the verb on the card I want my student also to be able to find that action verb on their device.  The picture will be slightly different but that’s what I am working on with my students.  There could be multiple ways to show “drinking” or “cleaning”.  The more practice receptively understanding these verbs the more they will be able to expressively use these concepts.

You use these cards at an independent work station.  Just have your student use a dry erase marker or clip to mark the right answer.  This might be good to have your student complete a set number of verb cards at a time and after they have mastered those verb concepts you can switch them out with different verb cards.  If you are using these at an independent work station it should be to reinforce and practice the verbs they know so they should get most of them correct.

If you are interested in using these cards with your students check them out on TPT with the link – Receptive Present Progressive Verb Task Cards


  1. Is there anyway I could buy a set of the cards u have made please I wouldn’t know where to start. Thank you very much. X


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