For some learners, a traditional token board may be too abstract to understand. Some children need to start with something very concrete to illustrate that reinforcement is coming. It’s important to fade reinforcement so students aren’t used to getting a reinforcer after every response. Token boards do a great job of showing that but like I said, may be a too abstract. You can create a simple token board in almost time that is concrete and will show your student exactly what they are working for an how soon they will get it! 

Many of our students or children have 1 highly preferred item that will usually work as a reinforcer. It may be the every trusty iPad, favorite cartoon, or a type of food or treat. Take a photo or find a photo of that item online. Laminate it. Cut it into pieces (depending on how many response you want the student to have before getting a reinforcer). Add some velcro to the back. This mini puzzle now works as a token board. After each approbate response, give one piece of the puzzle. Once the whole picture is made, give them the item. If your student loves the Wiggles – cut up the Wiggles and after he gets all 5 pieces, he can watch the Wiggles on youtube. 

This works so well because it’s concrete. You can use this for increase appropriate academic, functional, or social responses. If you are working on transitioning, give pieces of the puzzle during the difficult transition and student can gain that item at the end. I love how easy these are to make. They are perfect for our younger learners and students at a foundational level. 

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